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This study describes role model selection in a population-based, multiethnic sample of urban adolescents and examines the relationships among role model characteristics, psychosocial functioning, and health-risk behaviors. The demographic characteristics of the sample are presented in Table 1. Maybe the problem is simply our own bias and fear of encouraging men to identify with women. After reverse-scoring negatively worded items, a total score is calculated by summing across the items. The specific questions addressed include the following: To further examine the interplay between custodial fathers and role models, the effects of the presence of a custodial father and having a role model were evaluated in the context of ethnicity and sex. Whites without custodial fathers were less likely to use substances if they identified a role model than if they did not. In other words, anywhere girls face more negative stereotypes , the impact of a positive same-sex role model is more significant. This makes sense for a few key reasons:

Role models sex video

In these analyses, household income is included as a covariate, because of the robust association of income with the outcome variables and its demonstrated relationship with the role model variables. Residents of Ejisuman are also accusing teachers of Ejisuman SHS of sleeping and sexually harassing the students, a claim, the teachers have vehemently denied. And fortunately the tide is shifting a little: Identifying and engaging youth with appropriate non-family role models and mentors, such as counselors or therapists, physicians, coaches, teachers, clergy members, and lawyers. Whites without custodial fathers were less likely to use substances if they identified a role model than if they did not. With regard to the latter, the greater prevalence of mother-only households for African American youth 32 raises the question of whether the presence of a custodial father would influence the likelihood of having a role model or the choice of a particular role model. Maybe the problem is simply our own bias and fear of encouraging men to identify with women. The few teens who chose role models from outside these 3 categories were excluded from this analysis. Interviews In-person interviews were conducted between October and April in either English or Spanish. Higher scores indicate higher self-esteem. Analysis of covariance was used to determine first, if having a role model has an impact on the outcome variables, and second, if the relationship with the model eg, known vs figure is influential. Some people were expectedly upset , but Schreiber also received praise for doing so: Selected Sample Characteristics Who has a role model? Up 7 percent from View Large Download Substance Use, Grades, and Self-perceptions as a Function of Role Model Choices Given the apparent salience of sports star role models to males, responses on the 4 outcome variables were compared for teens who chose sports figures for role models and teens selecting other models. Most notably, having a lower income and being male were associated with selecting role models available primarily through the media, as opposed to known individuals. Subsequent tests among the means showed that whites used more substances than either African Americans or Latinos, and teens of any ethnicity who did not have a father in the house used more substances than those with a custodial father. It should be noted that the data in Table 2 are based only on the categories listed above. Interviewer assignments were made to fit the ethnic composition of the neighborhood, but neither ethnicity nor sex were matched to the respondents' characteristics in advance. The other 7 substances were used by too few respondents to be considered in this analysis. Corresponding author and reprints: The primary difference in role model quality to emerge among income groups is that the less affluent teens were more likely to identify figures, and less likely to identify known persons outside their families, as their role models. This research is consistent with the findings of a recent study of adolescents seeking health care. Fifty-six percent of respondents indicated that they had a role model. Income was a significant covariate for all 3 outcome variables. A count was created by tallying whether they used cigarettes 9.

Role models sex video

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    As a result, the percentages in Table 2 vary slightly from those reported earlier in the article for the presence or absence of a role model. Needless to say, the opportunity for a role model to have a positive influence is severely limited without direct personal contact.


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